What is The German Gist? #TheGermanGist

The German Gist is a blog that provides an insight into current debates & discussions in Germany. It summarizes and analyzes social media controversies, provides translations of key-arguments from German into English, and gives readers cutting-edge insight into the German public opinion.

What is the goal of The German Gist?

What three words do you associate with Germany?

Cars, beer, and Castle Neuschwanstein?

Or maybe: Nazis, punctuality, and graveness?

True, all those things are part of Germany somehow. However, this blog wants to show that nowadays Germany is so much more and that opinions are diverse and constantly changing.

About the Author

Born and raised Berliner, who would never call a jelly-filled doughnut that. Like for everybody from Berlin, for me a jelly-filled doughnut is called Pfannkuchen (pan cake). That the rest of the German Republic calls this treat Berliner is just plain wrong, even John F. Kennedy knew this much 😉

It is cases like these, where language, politics and social comments motivated me to start this blog. I am a news junkie and am mostly interested in how the news are “sold.” The ways they are received in different parts of the world and social groups are especially exciting for me.

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