After the Paris Attacks: Did the German Media Handle Reporting Right?

Paris peace sign

The attacks in Paris on November 13th were a shock for the German public. Not only because France is a neighboring country, but also because many viewers of the soccer match between Germany and France heard the three suicide bombs near the stadium go off live on TV. Even after the explosions and also after French president François Hollande left the stadium where he was watching the game, German TV kept showing the match. Many netizens ask whether that was the right decision.

Volkswagen Scandal: Germans Comment on Emission Fraud


German media reported that auto manufacturer Volkswagen is accused of having manipulated diesel-fueled cars in the U.S. only to turn on emission controls when being tested. The next day, #Volkswagen and #dieselgate are trending on German Twitter. Twitter users and other netizens are appalled, but they are also a bit suspicious given the circumstances.