Cologne Sex Attacks: The Dilemma of Racism

New Year's Eve in Cologne

After the events that took place in big German cities on New Year’s Eve came to light, one part of the public debate was focused on whether it is politically correct to name the perpetrator’s origin or whether that is racist because it would play into the hands of the ones who have been warning of things like that happening all along?

After the Paris Attacks: Did the German Media Handle Reporting Right?

Paris peace sign

The attacks in Paris on November 13th were a shock for the German public. Not only because France is a neighboring country, but also because many viewers of the soccer match between Germany and France heard the three suicide bombs near the stadium go off live on TV. Even after the explosions and also after French president François Hollande left the stadium where he was watching the game, German TV kept showing the match. Many netizens ask whether that was the right decision.